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Justin Bieber


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Justin Bieber



Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1st  1994 in Stratford, Ontario) is a Canadian pop and R & B singer.

Justin Bieber began his career with home videos on YouTube, where he was discovered by his future manager Scooter Braun. Both Justin Timberlake and Usher wanted to work with him, but Bieber decided  Usher would have been the right pick. In October 2008 he was signed by LA Reid at Iceland Records. His first single One Time was released in July 2009 and reached the twelfth position in the Canadian Billboard charts and # 17 in the U.S. charts. Already in the early fall the song was also released in parts of Europe.

Followed in October with One Less Lonely Girl, another top-20 single, before he published in November his debut album My World. Two successful R & B producers, The-Dream and Tricky Stewart had Bieber as support on his first album. It rose in his native Canada to No. 1 on the album charts and came in 6th place in the U.S., and after a short time gained platinum status in both countries.

In the United Kingdom Justin Bieber gained fame in January 2010. The debut single One Time reached number 11 there and the album went a week later  number four at the charts. He also  released  in January, his first single from his second album My World  "Baby" (featuring Ludacris), which was No. 5 on the Billboard charts and top ten  in 6 more countries to his largest ever hit. His second album debuted at number 1 on the Billboard chart.
Bieber is one of the most popular celebrities in  Twitter. He comes to about 6 million "followers" (November 2010) and Twitter with 265 000 lists the most sought after celebrities on Twitter. Specifically deal with the requests and server set up, he is responsible for 3% of the total traffic on Twitter.
In episode 13 of the 14th Season of South Park  Bieber
gets killed by  Cthulhu .


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Justin Bieber Justin Bieber: A Star Was Born
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Justin Bieber: A Star Was Born  (2010)

Justin Beiber was born to make music! Before he was 15 he taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. This documentary chronicles his life, and documents his transition from a street performer to a mega teen superstar. ...

Justin Bieber My Worlds Acoustic
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My Worlds Acoustic  (2010)

2010 release from the teen sensation with the windswept hair and millions of fans all over the globe. My Worlds Acoustic is Justin's gift back to his fans for all their support and features nine acoustic versions of songs from ...

Justin Bieber My World 2.0
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My World 2.0  (2010) 

Justin Bieber's My World 2.0 arrives just over four months after the Top Ten My World and is to be considered the second half of the Canadian pop star's first release, rather than a true follow-up. It does pick up ...

Justin Bieber My World
Hot Seller
My World  (2009) Enhanced CD 

Within a couple years, Canadian teenager Justin Bieber went from covering Usher on YouTube to working with Usher. An internet sensation from his renditions of several pop and pop-oriented R&B hits, he was still only 15 years old when he ...




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